Alpha Licensing

We have more than two decades of creating alpha for global equity asset owners and managers using alpha-capture and trade ideas, economic value-added, smart earnings, momentum, and other principles. In addition to our Traditional turnkey portfolio signals, we offer Purpose Driven Alpha (PDA), which is a natural evolution of alpha generating engine and response to the fast growing need, in the global sustainable investing marketplace, for discipline, structured, and scalable solutions.

Here’s a short list of the value that QRG’s Intellectual Properties’ (IP) provide to clients with its bespoke and turnkey portfolio products that include LargeCap, SmallCap, Long/Short, and other strategies:

  • Assets to generate economic benefits and positive ROI for investment management.
  • Gain immediate use and implementation of U.S. and International quantitative investment capabilities and portfolio strategy products with decades of proven track record.
  • Accelerate development of new as well as expansion of existing portfolio strategy products.

Please contact us, at (914)734-1312 , to explore how our cost-effective IP licensing options can help accelerate and enhance your investment strategy products and capabilities.